We plan based on values. We consider it important that the planned solutions work even over the years as the residents' needs change, and that the areas we plan form a harmonious result with the architecture and landscape.

We see the landscape and garden as an extension of your home and would like it to blend into your view so that the everything that your eyes touches is beautiful to look at.

Our plans are always dimensionally accurate, because only on the basis of technically precise drawings can we ensure the most successful end result.

We specialize in challenging plots in the middle of nature, but with the same enthusiasm and professionalism we also help you with your townhouse, building society or company's yard.


Our planning always starts with a site visit. Before the site visit, we ask you for preliminary information so that our visit will be as efficient as possible. During the site visit, we get to know the roads, the buildings and the whole environment, we also give several ideas for the implementation of your wishes and we discuss the execution of the project. After the visit, you will receive an offer for the project that we have agreed upon.

A paid site visit can be enough for an experienced garden owner who wants to do the construction herself, or, fore someone that just wants preliminary ideas and solutions for the garden area.


A sketch is a drawn up to scale plan, which shows the location, planned functions, vegetation and yard lighting. The sketch also includes photographs and information about the proposed materials and plants. If you wish, we will prepare a preliminary cost estimate for the construction.


The implementation plan is drawn for the construction of the yard and is always done on the basis of an approved sketch plan. It contains the necessary dimensions for construction, interest markings, work instructions and a list of all materials with dimensions, colors and quantities and a complete list of plants. Based on our implementation plan, the calculation of the construction is easy, so that the green-contractors offer can be prepared as accurately as possible. If necessary, we also help in finding a contractor, and in the capital region we can also supervise the construction site.

If the construction work on the old yard is done by a contractor, the design costs are also included in the household deduction.

The cost for our planning service are at a national level, for example the draft and implementation plans in total are usually between €3,000 and €7,000 VAT 24%, depending on the size and shape of the planned area and the customers' wishes.



We will make you an A4-sized book that contains precise general instructions for every season and for all plants.




A wonderful plot of land contains possibilities that a professional can easily see. In order to be able to utilize the plot's full potential, to place the buildings and all functions of the yard appropriately in the landscape, you can order a site visit from our landscape designer.
In the planning, we take into account your wishes, the landscape, site directions, plot shapes and the community's building regulations.

If desired, based on the site visit, we will prepare an offer for a rough plan, which includes a vision of the location of the buildings and various functions. This plan can be used e.g. attached to the building permit application.


In the case of a new site, we always recommend that a landscape designer visit the site. In addition to the initial ideas, we also determine the elements to be kept on the plot, such as trees and bushes, stones, rocks and soil. If necessary, we prepare a written clearance plan with instructions.


We also design outdoor furniture, lights and potted plants for terraces and large balconies and, if necessary, wind and sun protection. We start the planning for the outdoor space with a site visit, after which we proceed as in the landscape design process.



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