Landscape design

We see the garden as an extension to the indoor spaces. We hold dear that design decisions are functional and match needs and style of the customer. We strive to always create a harmonious ensemble which considers the architecture of the buildings and the surroundings of the area.

The main steps to comprehensive landscape design are visit to the site, sketch design and execute plan.

Visit to the site and garden consulting

During the visit to the site we create a shared vision of the upcoming changes and we define together the extent of the area that will be designed. We make an inventory of the area, we take the measurements and heights needed and we photograph the site. We discuss about the execution and its costs. After the visit, you get an offer for the landscape designing.

If you do not need a landscape design, garden consulting is often a sufficient option: we present our ideas for the garden and give you advice on how to implement the changes.

Garden consulting can also be considered when you want advice for example how to place buildings to the plot, earth moving works and the structures of the garden.

Sketch design

Sketch design will give you an idea of the planned functions, their sizes and shapes, vegetation and varied materials and garden lightning. Sketch design is drawn in scale and it might be enough for a customer that wants to build their garden themselves.

Execute plan

Execute plan is drawn up based on approved sketch design. It includes a list of all the materials with their measurements, colors and quantities and a perfect list of plants. Contract calculation is easy on the base of it and the contract offer is as accurate as possible.

The drawing always includes the measurements and heights needed and work instructions. If needed the plan also includes detailed images of different structures

Vegetation design

If you need designing that includes only vegetation we will help you with garden consulting or vegetation design. We will map out the existing vegetation on the area that needs designing, measure and photograph it and plan the new vegetation with its quantities.

Take contact, we will talk with you about your wishes considering vegetation plans or garden plants in general: Mia Oksanen 050 528 2641

“To me harmony and certain kind of tensions are the most important esthetical elements both indoors and outdoors. A harmonious entity is calm and it gives the exciting details a better opportunity to come forward.

I enjoy my current work enormously – it gives me so much energy. Each location and customer is different and because of that so are the solutions. We get to help people make their dreams come true, create something that is sustainable and beautiful and work with nature.

I am also very proud of our creative and effective team. We all represent different skills on our professions. We turn to account to our colleagues whenever needed to find the best solutions to our customers.”

Landscape designer
CEO, Creative director
Huvila & Huussi -TV program landscape designer for 7 years
040 551 3724

Laura has been our landscape designer for over ten years and created several hundreds private and company gardens all over Finland. She is specialized in designing cozy patios and garden structures and has good know how on the height differences on plots. In her  hands have even very challenging objects changed into functional and beautiful unities.

“I consider myself as a problem solver. I can see a flourishing garden with its structures, functions and aesthetic solutions even in a gravel pit.
Landscape designing consist of combining creativity and technical possibilities to a functioning entity. It is a marvelous feeling to see completed gardens that I have been planning.
It is important to me to listen to the customer and to get to build a landscape design that has a joined vision. I am not scared of even the most challenging sites because I can count on my strong craftsmanship. Every garden is full of possibilities!”

Landscape designer
040 725 2793

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