Garden Services

You can make your garden more enjoyable even with slight changes. Cleaning the garden, supplement planting and polished up entrances and patio areas can be miraculous.
The workload is not big, if you do it regularly.

In addition to home gardens we also make the yards and gardens of companies and housing companies representative. Clean yards and gardens are welcoming and they increase the value of the property.


During consulting, we look at the site and go through different areas and discuss about your wishes. We give the suggestions on how to improve the look of the garden during the visit. We will make an offer on possible extra services after the visit.

We offer housing companies for example an advice service, during which we go through the shared areas of the housing company and plan what residents can do in the garden themselves.

If you need help with choice of plants, we compose a vegetation design. We make an inventory of the existing vegetation, measure and photograph the site, plan new plants and needed quantities.

Garden works

Every garden needs regular care taking and cleaning, just like indoors do. On private gardens, you can have a deductible on your taxes from our garden services.

This is how we serve you

  • pruning bushes and small trees
  • cutting grass, edging and weeding
  • fertilizing and liming
  • annual contracts of maintenance of the vegetation areas in home gardens and properties
  • planting
  • cleaning and styling the garden for parties or selling the property

We work in cooperation with managing offices and we take care of vegetation on on sites of  housing companies.

You can get individual maintenance instructions for plants which include both general and plant-specific instructions for different seasons.

– Let us get it going together

The idea of GardenCoaching is to take care of your garden together with a professional. The service includes gardening together with an expert and learning the different steps of maintaining  your own garden. When needed we will compose written maintenance instructions for you .  After a GardenCoaching -session you know how to take care of the plants in your garden.

Styling the garden

We plan and implement decors for different spaces like entrances, patios and balconies. Sometimes beautiful lanterns, bouquets and big planting pots are enough. In some cases, you might need a more comprehensive plan that includes also furniture and sun shades.

“It is great to work in the world of plants. Every day you are surrounded with beauty and you learn something new. Each of our customer’s gardens is different and all working days are unique.

The attractive thing about my work is that I get to meet wonderful people and solve the challenges in their gardens. I have learned to be a fast problem solver and adviser.

In this work, you can see the concrete mark of your work. Our great garden teams can make miracles happen with slight changes and cleaning of the garden. “

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