Flower & GreenDesign

Green makes you feel good! Professionally implemented green decor creates cosyness and impressiveness in offices, public rooms and homes.
Natural green plants contribute for wellbeing and enhance the atmosphere of different rooms.
The best thing is, that in addition to the other benefits house plants improve the interior air quality.

GreenDesign for companies

We offer new and innovative green decor solutions. Our range of plants and pots is wide, as we co-operate with numerous suppliers in close relation. We plan, carry out and deliver green plants  and pots suitable for your office and if needed also weekly cut flower bouquets.
Depending on the company we design traditional soil potted plants or use allergy free hydroponic potting.
We prefer mainly natural plants, but deliver also silk plants for rooms lacking natural light.
Our cooperation partners are interior architects and designers.

GreenDesign for households

During a consultation meeting we define the growth conditions for plants in your home.
Discuss the style you like in your interior decoration and
listen to your wishes concerning the green design.
We plan your home suitable plants and pots.  Home delivery can also be included.
In our product rage you can find big green plants for large rooms. We offer our clients also repotting service.

GreenDesign and house plant care

Right and regular house plant maintenance is essential for plants to stay lush and healthy as long as possible.
We offer green plant care for companies in the metropolitan area, so you can enjoy the greenery
at your workplace.

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“In my world, there is beauty everywhere; in intricate details, significant moments and unintentional atmospheres – in joy and sorrow – in life. The kind that is natural and unmade, fleeting.

Simplicity is beautiful – and my thread in everything: in good food and wine, in clean and clear tastes. This also is true with flowers and plants. True to nature is the new norm!

Working with beautiful and interesting plants appeals to every sense. Scents, colors, shapes, different surfaces that lure you to touch – just like being in nature where your mind can rest and you lose hurry from your shoulders. The world and it´s flowers are full of opportunities.”

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