Flower & GreenDesign

Green makes you feel good. Flower and GreenDesign offers you new kinds of innovative solutions to home, office and celebrations. We style your spaces with flowers and house plants. We also take care of green plants in companies situated in the metropolitan area so that you can enjoy the greenery at your workplace.

This is how we serve you

  • styling your home with house plants and flowers
  • delivering flowers to workplaces and gifts
  • carrying out the flower and greenery decorations to your celebrations
  • bringing a flower market to your offices to serve your staff and clients
  • partnering with event organizers and catering companies

You can also order your very own flower designer with weekly bouquets to delight your staff. Organize your own flower market in your office or workplace weekly, once a month or according to agreement.

“In my world, there is beauty everywhere; in intricate details, significant moments and unintentional atmospheres – in joy and sorrow – in life. The kind that is natural and unmade, fleeting.

Simplicity is beautiful – and my thread in everything: in good food and wine, in clean and clear tastes. This also is true with flowers and plants. True to nature is the new norm!

Working with beautiful and interesting plants appeals to every sense. Scents, colors, shapes, different surfaces that lure you to touch – just like being in nature where your mind can rest and you lose hurry from your shoulders. The world and it´s flowers are full of opportunities.”

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