Outdoor and indoor spaces are an entity, which is complete only when they speak the same language. Outdoor greenery will properly designed transfer seamlessly from outside to inside.

We offer both homes and companies our wide know-how of the green industry from one place: landscape designing, garden services and both flowers and houseplants to everyday life, celebrations and events. We fulfil small and big dreams by combining nature and design.

New! Green Studio
GardenLiving Green Studio is a lifestyle store where everybody from all ages is welcome to enjoy themselves. You can enjoy a cup of coffee, draw on ideas, meet our designers and make your own bouquet and admire or get yourself individual products to home and garden.

Opening times
Monday to Friday 10AM to 6PM
Saturday 10AM to 4PM
Sunday 10AM to 4PM
Sinimäentie 6, 02630 Espoo
Tel. 044 2412 510



The backbone of GardenLiving is our strong group of professionals: Mia Oksanen, Eva Wuite, Kirsti Pentti and Laura Talo. In addition to them we have hard working efficient garden teams and florists.

We have brought our whole know-how of green industry under the same roof so that we can service our customers in the best way possible. We master the whole field: flowers, house plants, garden and landscape.

Our customer promise is: Green makes good. Our professionals help people, homes and workplaces flourish with the help of plants beauty.

We carry out flourishing settings to homes and companies. Take contact, we will gladly tell you more! If you wish you can get each of our individual contact info by clicking the images below.

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” Plants are the wisest of teachers and the best of examples. They turn towards the light, they thirst for water, they protect the clean air, and even though the reach high, their roots extend deep.”

– Patriarch Bartolomeos